V&A Dundee construction progress

Images from the construction site in Dundee

All images are Copyrighted Ross Fraser McLean

Credit Ross Fraser McLean - 20170519_V&A-Construction_RossFraserMcLean_6312 6_Feb 2017_4_V&A Dundee - curving concrete walls (same section as tested with sample panel) 5_Dec 2016_5_V&A Dundee - museum walls to full height 4_Sep 2016_1_V&A Dundee - sample panel with cast stone panels hung (to test before technique applied to main walls)1 Mar 2016 start of archway construction between two buildings which connect at the upper floor to form galleriesCredit Ross Fraser McLean - 20170519_V&A-Construction_RossFraserMcLean_6473