Woodland installation at RA Lates

PiM.studio Woodland RA installation at the Royal Academy as part of the RA Lates - 23-11-2019

Performances and installations, 7–11pm

A series of performances and sensory interventions that take inspiration from the ecological concept of “re-wilding”, which advocates restoring species and plant life to urban and rural areas.
In this context, we consider what natural elements could regrow within the RA’s Fine Rooms in a series of scenographic interventions across these gilded spaces.

Explore these five hidden rooms and encounter pop up choral hymn performances, installations, a botanical gin bar and more including:

Woodland RA
This intervention by PiM.studio Architects prompts us to examine the relationship between humans, nature and technologies. They invite you to imagine a new way of inhabiting architecture that is open to new forms of coexistence between humans and nature


image ©Justine-Trickett