A Small Music Hall

Valsolda, Italy
2019 – competition

Project data
Program: Concert Hall

The new Valsolda Philharmonic hall has been designed in relation to hits natural context: the mountains surrounding the valley are protagonists. The new multi-purpose center will host cultural, artistic and educational activities,
The new architecture is designed as a continuous element of the landscape, the green roof integrates the volume within the section of the hearth, and it will be a collection different species of plants typical of the site.

The use of the green roof is of critical importance in the project proposal aimed at minimizing the visual impact from the highest points of the mountain, maintaining a continuity of the natural elements and vegetation that are the foundation of the view, particularly suggestive, of the lake and surrounding mountains that can be enjoyed from this side.
Above all, the view from the village north of the project site will not be disturbed by the new public structure, which will instead be very visible and inviting for the citizens who will approach it from the schools and the sports field, naturally being in a flat area. it will not be visible from the hamlets to the south or from the opposite side of the lake.
The orchestration of the relationships between the architectural device and the naturalistic frame with respect to the logic of visual reception will also result in an undoubted effect of theatricalization that matches the aims and the intended use of the project itself.
The structure thus becomes not only an integral part of the territorial conformation in a process of expansion with respect to the context, thanks to a continuous exchange of relations between interior and exterior, but also a true aesthetic element that is nourished by the beauty and quality of the landscape.
Compared to the morphology and the position of the site, the proximity to the school was also taken into consideration, emphasizing in this sense its pedagogical character and opening the doors to young talents, not only figuratively but actually physically placing the main entrance in the direction of the school fueling a game of interactions between the two educational institutions.
The landscape that faces the site is thus highlighted by creating a system of large openings to the south that create a frame of the mountain range in front, giving value to the backdrop that serves as the background to the main stage of the Auditorium. This arrangement is reminiscent of the archaic type of the Hellenic theater, in which both what took place on the stage and the context that framed it very much, suggesting the image of a harmonious, ideal and enveloping space between man and nature.

Wired House with its colourful façade will be visible to people walking/cycling along the Regents canal and off course from the Haggerston bridge, providing a bright and happy presence in this lively part of the canal promenade for passers-by and at the same time a relaxing welcoming space for visitors who’ll enter the space.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria Moussavi, Chiara Dognini, Tyler Su