PiM.studio at the Seoul Biennale 2019

London is… a city to be a child in

Part of the London exhibition for the Seoul Biennale 2019
Curated by Peter Bishop. Creative Director Isabel Allen
6th September – 10th November 2019

As population diversity increases in cities, playing remains a multi-generational activity shared by all of us. Public spaces and urban furniture have become boring and hostile spaces that don’t allow for much communication or spontaneity. Repetition and monotony disconnect us from other people and our surrounding space. Playful spaces are essential for health and happiness and help to cheer people up, and cities need more opportunities for these activities to arise.
How can we transform London into a more playful city? With the proposal “Play London”, we act on public elements and street furniture with subtle interventions that allow us to interact with our surrounding environment in a playful and creative way. They will generate moments where people gather to play, to watch and to participate.
Through a succession of these playful spaces in London, repetitive journeys and tedious waiting moments would become a chance for encounter and interaction. From bus stops to phone booths, and tube trains to crosswalks, people will transform the city’s street furniture and public spaces into a place of spontaneity and social interaction.
Do you want to play?

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Martin De Pablo

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