Marble design

Matter of Stuff Gallery, London 2018
Marmomac Verona, Italy, 2018
Milan Design Week, Italy, 2019

Project data
parametric marble pattern design

Marble wave
We use narrative as a design tool to shape a material experience.
This texture tells the story of the marble block as it was cut in the quarry.
We recorded the sound wave produced by the stone cutting machine and, through a computer-generated script, we used the sound wave as an agent distorting a uniform grid pattern.
The result is a soft, tactile surface in which the experience and history of the marble is embedded forever in its texture, inviting you to touch it for a sensorial adventure.

Falling Diamonds
Eight different tiles of falling diamonds.
The traditional marble inlaying technique of ‘intarsio’ is combined here with a computer-generated pattern.
Starting from a single diamond shape, an algorithm is used to represent the fall of the stone blocks in the quarry.
The shapes multiply, rotate and merge into each other as they fall. During the fall, where black and grey marble merge, they change into brass expressing the entropy growth generated by the encounter.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria Moussavi, Tyler Su