Cartographies of the Imagination

Our architectural vision transformed the beautiful glasshouse space into an inspiring backdrop that harmoniously complements the inspiring works of art. Lightweight Tyvek screens, elegantly suspended from the ceiling, create a dynamic interplay of spaces, guiding visitors through the exhibition with grace and subtlety.

At the heart of our concept is the belief that the exhibition design should serve as the catalyst for uniting art and the environment. Tyvek, a choice material for this installation, was selected for its unique non-woven texture, reminiscent of the elegance of traditional washi paper, yet distinct in its character. Notably, Tyvek’s transparency responds dynamically to the ever-changing play of ambient light within the space.

Our project seamlessly marries the simplicity of design with an innate elegance, emphasizing the interplay between art and architectural form, and represents an innovative milestone at the intersection of spatial aesthetics and artistic expression.

Location:                Omved Gardens – Highgate, London
Architect:       Architects
Artists/Curators:   Kirsty Badenoch, Sayan Skandarajah

photos ©Thomas Broadhead