Making Places – Transforming Unloved Spaces
Aldriche Way, London, UK
2017 Competition

Project data
Program: Reflective Pond, Seating Area, Flexible Public Space.
Floor Area: 250 m2

“Beauty will save the world”

Bringing a taste of beauty into ordinary urban spaces can make the difference and transform the perception of a place. Water is nature most important element and the simple presence of water in a space has a calming and relaxing effect to people, helping to transform the space and making it look attractive and elegant.
We propose creating a shallow water pond as an element of beauty at the centre of the Aldriche Way site, which will also have a gathering and seating area within it and a small island to be used in different ways.
However, and very importantly, the space will equally work during periods when it might remain dry and allow itself to different uses.
Children can have fun playing with water or jumping around the stepping stones and the larger platform, but the space can be equally usable by groups of all ages as a seating area where, in the middle of a water feature one can relax, have a conversation or watch kids playing in the nearby playground.
This flexible space lend itself to many uses, from a pic-nic in the seating area to events and to using the platform as a stage for artists and community shows, to children’s birthday parties, but most importantly we hope users will appropriate the space and feeling it as their own finding uses we cannot even imagine, making it thus a successful community project.
Creating a sense of place and ensuring people feel at home here is key for the success of this project, as it would make sure users will care for their space and help keeping it beautiful and enjoyable.
We think keeping the community involved in all stages of the project is essential for its success and we would consult and work together with local communities and residents through the development of the project listening to ideas that will ultimately enables to improve the design in many ways.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria A. Moussavi, Felix Varaschini