PiM.studio at the 서울도시건축비엔날레 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

PiM.studio has been invited to participate in the international exhibition:
‘100 Architects of the Year 2019’
hosted by the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) and the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) 20 – 26 September 2019.
The UK will be guest country of honour in the exhibition and we are among 18 UK practices invited by RIBA to presnet our work in Seoul.
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The Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) has invited the UK to be the guest country of honour in the “100 Architects of the year 2019” international exhibition, where RIBA members’ works will be exhibited.

The “100 Architects of the Year” which is part of KIA’s architectural festival, is an annual international exhibition, that presents a unique perspective on Korean architecture, in the context of global architectural trends and exchanges. Following the 30-year tradition of the Korean Architectural Exhibition, “100 Architects of the Year” has been expanded to become the world’s first UIA-certified international exhibition since 2012. This exhibition, hosted by the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) and the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA), bridges contemporary architecture with architects’ personal philosophies, and offers to the public a shared experience of immersing in architectural culture.

KIA International Committee intends to raise Korean society’s level of interests in the architecture of the guest country of honour.

It is a great opportunity for the RIBA to showcase the best of British Design and be involved in what is a great demonstration of global architecture, and an expression of countries culture through their architecture.

The RIBA has submitted works from 18 UK practices which will be specifically highlighted during the exhibition.

The projects featured in the exhibition illustrate the best and highest quality of architects in the UK. We selected projects that are diverse and capture some of the essence of the work that architects are engaged with across the UK. Most have received the RIBA Regional, National Awards and Stirling Prize.