Temporary Working Space

London, UK
2018 – in progress

In collaboration with Raffael Petrovic

In-between is the space where amazement can happen.

A temporary transformation of the public space in front of Netil House into a lively outdoor space during the London Festival of Architecture.
An outdoor studio space where the spirit of Netil House will spill into the public space to promote and share with the local community the values and identity of our exceptional community of creative minds.
A boundless studio that flows into the public space and shares his character with the local community.
The pavilion/installation will include simple and flexible outdoor furniture that can be used by both residents and local community for work, meetings, events, workshops, relax, talk, share ideas…

We designed a series of playful and colourful structures covered by a thin translucent roof; these originate from Netil House facade and extend into the public space. They will create inviting spaces at different scales for the local creative community to interact and exchange ideas.

A Free Space:
In-between work and personal life, and beyond them
In between inside and outside and beyond both
In-between public and private space to go beyond these definitions.

We believe the interstitial, the in-between space, can provide added-value to projects and offer unexpected opportunities to a free and personal way of experiencing architecture and the built environment.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria Moussavi, Filippo Tognocchi