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Warming Huts: Arts + Architecture Competition on Ice
Winnipeg, Canada
2017  Competition

Project data
Program: Shelter
Floor Area: 16 m2

The “Summer Tale” Hut aims to warm people hearts reminding them of the summer when beautiful bright Canola fields are flourishing all around Winnipeg with their intense warm yellow colour.
The shape of the Hut is as basic as the firsts human shelters were, and as simple as every “Canadienne” camping tent can be.
Half of this basic triangular shelter is bright Yellow like a Canola field inviting people to enter, sit, relax and enjoy a glimpse of Summer in the cold Canadian January, including a seating area covered with a Canola patterned, corrugated, soft yellow fabric.
The other half is made of Linear Fresnel Lenses panels combined to capture the sun rays and concentrate them into symbolic areas of light and warmth. The lenses also offer an unusual and distorted view from inside, so that people can look at the winter from a new perspective from within the “Summer Tale” Hut.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria A. Moussavi, Felix Varaschini