Antepavilion 2018 – Floating / Reading

Regent’s Canal, London UK
2018 – competition

Project data
Program: Floating Architectural Installation

Enclosed within a thin layer of Sudare (Japanese bamboo blinds) is a floating reading room for all book lovers in East London and beyond.
Floating/Reading is a drifting hub for exchanging books and ideas, for taking a reading pause from the city frenetic madness. Somewhat inspired by the famous “Word of the Water” bookshop docked not far away along Regent’s Canal, this floating space offers Londoners a place dedicated to the act of reading and exchanging books, or simply bringing on-board their own kindle during lunch break.
During the day the “Ouse” will be hidden behind the Sudare screens and will appear like a mysterious floating object navigating Regent’s Canal and stopping at various location to pick-up and drop-off readers of all ages.
At night the lights will transform the “Ouse” into a floating lantern through which the shadows of its temporary inhabitants will be partially revealed.

Sometimes it will be docked and sometimes the Sudare will be rolled up becoming a roof and fully revealing its content, however, Floating/Reading will never stop providing a welcoming place where one can relax and read few pages of their favourite book.
Sudare screens are made of horizontal slats of bamboo woven together with simple strings.
Sudare are used in many Japanese homes to shield from sunlight, rain, and insects.
They protect not only from the elements, but also from the eyes of outsiders.
Bamboo are green, and one of the fastest growing natural resources.
Through Floating/Reading we aim to promote the use of bamboo as a versatile and sustainable material for Architecture.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Daria Moussavi, Filippo Tognocchi