Antepavilion 2018 – Wired House

Regent’s Canal, London UK
2019 – competition

Project data
Program: Rooftop Architectural Installation


Re-used electrical cables will tie this small pavilion in place, create its multi-coloured see-through façade and provide shadow to its occupants during sunny days.
Electrical cables can’t be put in the recycling bins or thrown in the trash and can only be Recycled as Scrap Metal once the PVC insulation and is removed.
This proposal aims at giving a new life to old electrical cables as structure and façade of the proposed pavilion. What normally is concealed behind walls or within conduits will become the main visual element of this architecture providing “Wired House” with its bright colourful character.

The proposed pavilion occupies almost the entire extent of the existing platform, and it is made of few simple elements to be assembled on site.
Eighteen rectangular shapes made of plywood and with their main faces left open, are positioned along the two sides of a narrow circulation corridor and arranged from the smallest to the biggest on the north side and vice versa on the south side of the platform. One of the two spaces defined by these modules is large enough for 3-4 people to enter, sit, relax and enjoy their time in the pavilion in a cosy space wrapped and supported by the colourful wired façade.

Wired House with its colourful façade will be visible to people walking/cycling along the Regents canal and off course from the Haggerston bridge, providing a bright and happy presence in this lively part of the canal promenade for passers-by and at the same time a relaxing welcoming space for visitors who’ll enter the space.

At night it will be lit simply from the inside with LED strips and will be a beautiful recognizable presence along the canal.

Maurizio Mucciola, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Chiara Dognini, Tyler Su